New digs

Moving is a lot like childbirth. It is excruciatingly painful, yet it seemed like a great idea at the time you thought of it. It is fabulous once it’s over. It’s the getting there that’s the tough part.

I am moved in, surrounded by a sea of boxes. I keep looking for things that I know I packed; I just haven’t gotten to that box yet. And, funnily enough, some things pop up every time you move, bringing fond memories.


(photo by sarahb)

 Found this and thought it was amusing. (Much more amusing that the news that we are bracing ourselves for yet another snow storm.)


(photo by unknown, floating around on the internet)

Home is where the ironing board is

I may not post quite so often over the next week as I am picking up stakes and moving to a new spot. No worries, the blog stays where it is, which is marvelous if you think about it.

I have been slowly and methodically moving over all the items I can manage and one of them is the ironing board and as my new spot has its own washer and dryer (!!!) this works out well. So now if I want to look nice I need to be based there. So I can do laundry and iron and polish silver while waiting  between 11 and 6 on Friday when a new mattress is being delivered. This betwixt and between does not suit my personality at all but fortunately I only found my spot a week ago and I am set to move on the 24th. I’m making steady progress and am so excited I can’t stand it.(!!!!!)

I just finished watching the ladies’ figure skating short program which I loved. The Korean who is currently in first place had the most exquisite program I have ever seen.

Do not go into a decline after the Olympics end. There is a life to go back to: you can do your taxes, read some good books, get to exercise class. House of Cards Season 2 is out for binge viewing. I believe the Oscars are coming up. And you can find some way to give back either with time or money.

These are flowers I made for the dining tables at Part of the Solution’s soup kitchen.( I think they will be nice and cheerful.



Be mine, Valentine.

I went to elementary school with a girl who works at the pharmacy and the other day we were reminiscing about Valentine’s Day at school way back when. We would decorate shoe boxes with construction paper, doilies, what-not and cut a slit in the top. It was really loads of fun and in those days we gave one to each person in the class. I think I had my best days in elementary school. It was not too hard to understand the subjects and I was a fantastic speller and had great handwriting so that helped. Then in the fifth grade we encountered New Math and life was really never the same again.  As I said, those were my best days. Until now … and these days things seem to be going along just fine…





Hate to be the one to tell you but it’s going to be a while before we can go for a spin …

(all photos from tumblr)



First, fun pictures:

Snacks at Sochi. Love this.


(random tumblr photo)

He’s glued to the tube watching snowboarding.


(random tumblr photo)

Today’s post is about nothing in particular. Just some things I want to pass along to you before I forget. This post is postcards people send to one place, post with a secret about themselves that no one else knows. It gives one a place to come clean about something, kind of. It’s a bit chilling so don’t read it if you’re having even a so-so day.

theburninghouse I love this site. Granted the premise is scary, i.e., what would you grab before you run from a burning house. But if you can look at it as what are the absolute essentials I need to live my life then it’s cool. I’m going to work on a list of what I would take.


Linda’s Bras at 552 Third Avenue in NYC. Between 36th and 37th Streets on the east side of the street. Getting fitted is somewhat mortifying but they do it with respect and grace and you will leave feeling like a new woman. I won’t go into details because of male viewers. If you live anywhere near NYC it’s worth the trip. I’m just squeezing this recommendation in the middle of the post so no one gets embarrassed.


Feel better about yourself by helping others.There are people in America who still don’t have enough to eat. Try working at a soup kitchen to get a feel for the real tough world out there. If that’s not up your alley then give money. If you live in the NYC metro area try looking up POTS (Part of the Solution) in the Bronx. They are a very well run organization and can always use volunteers and most certainly need money. Otherwise find one in your area and give / send some help.It’s like anything else: you get out of it what you put into it. Working at POTS has been an amazing experience for me, much more than I ever expected.

Winter wonderland theme for the tables at POTS, including valentines. Snowflakes are mixed media: felt corrugated paper, glitter paper, felt and crocheted, all hot glued to twigs I gathered on my walks. Glass stones in the bottom with fake snow on top. Made by yours truly. Photo by sarahb.


Gold, silver or bronze?

How are you enjoying the Olympics? I am loving them. The house seems empty if I don’t have the television on with some sort of commentary going on.

Way to go for both Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner. Just beautiful performances.  And the little Russian princess, Yulia Lipnitskaia, just darling and soooo flexible. Imagine being 15 years old and having the President of your country applaud your performance. Meryl Davis and Charlie White seem to glide across the ice.



Sage Kotsenberg and Jamie Anderson, both gold medal snowboarders,  are contagious with their delight at winning their events.

I won’t pretend to know all the names and I am not a sportscaster but I am having tons of fun watching all of these athletes.

I, for one, am also enjoying the commercials. Whether it’s Tommy Lee Jones selling I don’t know what, Gracie Gold skating down the aisle of a United Airlines plane with a very handsome steward (okay, actor) walking down the other aisle I am in heaven. Not to mention Evan Lysacek on a Coke commercial. Swoon.

Yes, most of us are stuck indoors for another month or so. If you get bored you can always paint a room in your house one of these vibrant colors.

1377157_10201022848712380_811961144_nrandom photo from tumblr



I have to laugh at myself. I had written in an earlier post about how I was planning to sit on my couch with my needlepoint and watch the Olympics this February. Well, forget that idea!  Everything I have watched is absolutely riveting and I can’t take my eyes off the television. Forget the needlepoint! Ha, sometimes even I think I’m funny. I’ve looked at the schedule and I can’t leave home to do my errands until 2:30…

I’m watching girls’ ice hockey now. I think it’s actually more fun to watch than the mens’ hockey.

Do you love the color of my blog?? I have always called this color Park Avenue Coral. I even painted our dining room this color way back.

Aw, who doesn’t love a golden retriever?


How could this picture be authentic? I think some clever person photoshopped it but it’s still cute.


(from Slim Paley)



(From tumblr above and below)

Daredevils! But let’s not be surprised if they break a lot of bones if they crash.


Love this picture of snow laden branches but it is getting a bit old.


(Photo by sarahb)