I have to laugh at myself. I had written in an earlier post about how I was planning to sit on my couch with my needlepoint and watch the Olympics this February. Well, forget that idea!  Everything I have watched is absolutely riveting and I can’t take my eyes off the television. Forget the needlepoint! Ha, sometimes even I think I’m funny. I’ve looked at the schedule and I can’t leave home to do my errands until 2:30…

I’m watching girls’ ice hockey now. I think it’s actually more fun to watch than the mens’ hockey.

Do you love the color of my blog?? I have always called this color Park Avenue Coral. I even painted our dining room this color way back.

Aw, who doesn’t love a golden retriever?


How could this picture be authentic? I think some clever person photoshopped it but it’s still cute.


(from Slim Paley)



(From tumblr above and below)

Daredevils! But let’s not be surprised if they break a lot of bones if they crash.


Love this picture of snow laden branches but it is getting a bit old.


(Photo by sarahb)


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