Summertime is for reading.

It’s already looking like a reading kind of summer. My needlepoint is languishing in a corner saying “pick me up and get stitching” but I have found so many great books that I can’t stop reading. This is the polar opposite of my growing up self that I have to chuckle. I ran into a delightful lady at the nail place . Actually what I liked about her was she was with her daughter and she ran into her friend who was there with her daughter. Now sometimes that situation can go downhill quickly and you can end up knowing far too much about other people’s lives. However, this woman was so cool. She was so busy speaking with the other woman’s daughter, asking who her friends were at school (“Oh, I know him, he’s one of my favorites”, etc.) and really having the conversation with the kid, not the mom. At one point she said her son got his license and she has barely seen him since and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She asked if I thought she was being crazy talking about that and I said of course not it’s just true and funny. So there she was, my new best friend.

Somehow we got onto the subject of books and I said you have to read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, it’s so good. Then she gave me a whole list of books. She’s in a book club that is not a boring book club, not too intellectual but interesting. So, I’ve already read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So good.

I will give you a brief intro to All the Light We Cannot See. It is bout a blind girl, during WWII.She has no mother. She lives with her father. He makes a model of the area of town they live in so that she can maneuver her way around with her walking stick on her own. It is so many steps to the baker, so many storm drains to the end of the block, etc. That’s all I’ll tell.

If you don’t have a Kindle yet I suggest you buy one. You can’t read on an iPad in the bright sunlight. You don’t have to wait for the library to get in the one copy they have in order to read these great books because by then it will be 2016.

ImageHe’s kind of a summertime fellow.

ImageAs long as we’re reading so much this is somewhat related. If you can believe it, the most time I ever spent reading Shakespeare was in the fifth and six grades.


I think of this as the castle in You Before Me.