It sure is cold! But can you expect when you live in the Northeast?

Cleaning up after Christmas can often leave you feeling like these fellows below. But better get on with it; it won’t get done by itself. Just remember for next year: What goes up must come down. In other words, keep the decorating to a minimum.

Nothing much to say today. Just that two of my three siblings will be at dinner tonight with my Mom and that’s so great and that’s what it’s all about.


Does taking the lights off the Christmas tree leave you feeling like this? Me too.


And trying to find storage space for all of those decorations?? There’s always under the bed …


It’s time to start with those New Year’s resolutions. This guy has. 


Soon I’ll be doing some shelling.

Well here we are, 2015

I know it’s been a while since I last seriously blogged. I think I have figured out why this is. I usually only blog when I am on top of the moon, full of optimism, feeling clever. This combination does not occur that often, hence the irregularity of my posts.

Wonderful Christmas with son #1 here. Alas son #2 couldn’t travel but we did have a nice facetime with him.

Work coming along on my mini house. I got smart this time and enlisted help so it is bound to be more sturdy than anything I could have built. I am sure the dollhouse people will not have to worry about the roof caving in on them.


A trip to London and Paris to visit son #2. Still can’t really blog about it because it makes me homesick. But, as you can see the British can even make a mailbox that looks distinguished.


Paris: Jardin du Luxembourg. Lovely mini sailboats. (Still makes me homesick.)


Let’s think of sunnier times


New Year’s resolution: Do push-ups every single day. I have a gym pass for now because of a pesky illness but by next week I’ll be up and at it.