Well here we are, 2015

I know it’s been a while since I last seriously blogged. I think I have figured out why this is. I usually only blog when I am on top of the moon, full of optimism, feeling clever. This combination does not occur that often, hence the irregularity of my posts.

Wonderful Christmas with son #1 here. Alas son #2 couldn’t travel but we did have a nice facetime with him.

Work coming along on my mini house. I got smart this time and enlisted help so it is bound to be more sturdy than anything I could have built. I am sure the dollhouse people will not have to worry about the roof caving in on them.


A trip to London and Paris to visit son #2. Still can’t really blog about it because it makes me homesick. But, as you can see the British can even make a mailbox that looks distinguished.


Paris: Jardin du Luxembourg. Lovely mini sailboats. (Still makes me homesick.)


Let’s think of sunnier times


New Year’s resolution: Do push-ups every single day. I have a gym pass for now because of a pesky illness but by next week I’ll be up and at it.

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