Outside art

Hopefully you’ve all been able to dig out your cars after the Big Snow. I’ve been staying in and looking at some art. Not art on the walls but art out and about.

Here you can see “The Gates” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude which was an installation in Central Park in 2005. It was kind of cool and certainly got a lot of people out of the house during the freezing cold winter.

The pink-rimmed islands were also done by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in 1983. Anyway, who would care about that because in a magazine it would be interesting but nothing to be compared with a bird’s eye view. At that time I came to find myself in a private plane(whoo hoo) going from Miami to the Florida Keys. The installation was called “Surrounded Islands” and it was in Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida, May 1983 for two weeks. The artists used pink woven polypropylene fabric covering the surface of the water, floating and extending out 61 meters (200 ft) from each island into the Bay. The fabric was sewn into 79 patterns to follow the contours of the 11 islands. Well, you cannot believe how striking it was from not very high up in the air. Not my taste but downright awesome and I hadn’t expected it so all the more exciting.

You can look up Christo and Jeanne Claude and see other creative things they did, one being when they wrapped up the Pont Neuf in Paris.

Also in 2005 there was Pittsburgh’s Art Festival where you can see Stacy Levy’s “River Eyelash” floating in the water. Here 3,000 painted buoys radiated out from the bulkhead of the Point State Park, like an eyelash for the city. The eyelash continuously changed formation in response to wind direction, speed of the currents and boat wakes. This is especially interesting because the downtown area of Pittsburgh (also known as the Golden Triangle) sits where the Allegheny River from the northeast and Monongahela River from the southeast form the Ohio River. The actual convergence is in Point State Park and referred to as “the Point.” I have dined way up high and seen these three rivers and it is breathtaking.



Extraordinary depths

These photos are by Josh Hydeman who seems to like being underground. Like, way underground in caves that I find incredible. Enjoy these photos of this talented and energetic photographer, featured in an article in The Red Bulletin. Look him up on twitter, Instagram and Josh Hydeman Homepage.

These pictures are of a very happy panda playing in what was a very big snowfall.


There’s always a path; you just have to find it.

Not just another gray day. The sun is shining today which is a nice change. I knew someone who lived in London for two-plus years and the gray skies just about did him in. Enjoy our sunny weather today.



Don’t trip

Just a little pink to brighten your day. The steps with the flowers on each side are truly divine and I love the brick wall and wouldn’t it be fun to be there right now on the way to a cafè for lunch?

I went to see The Danish Girl today and didn’t really like it, although everyone else seems to.  People are saying the lead woman should get an Oscar but truly it’s Lily who deserves that statue. Take it with a grain of salt; we don’t all like the same things.

People say they like the coral backdrop of my blog. I call it Park Avenue Coral.



Where has all the pink gone?

I dunno, but have you noticed there is less and less pink in the world? Coral seems to have taken over pink’s spot. I see tons of coral throws, pillows, etc. on line. Where is the pink? Well, here’s some to keep you perky plus a kind of inspiration page but really you can follow it wherever you want to go.