Wandering around Pinterest, tumblr, etc.

Typed in different macaroon flavor colors.


C’est jolie, n’est pas?


Today is going to be kind of a quiet day. I think I’ll check out other blogs’ pictures and share them. I’m only just now going to get my second cup of coffee.

Something cool is happening in Paris as near as I can tell. Every March 20 pastry shops give out free macaroons, one per customer. And, actually, now it has been extended to the 19th.  Only in Paris would people line up for one macaroon. Well, actually I myself would line up for a chocolate one. I got all fired up last time I was reading about this and now I have all of the necessary ingredients and the correct recipe sitting on the far end of my kitchen counter. My hope is to learn how to make these delicacies and perfect them by next Christmas so I can give them as presents. It’s a good concept and shortly I’ll be able to evaluate whether or not this is going to work.


The only criticism I have of the articles I read on the internet is people ought to figure out how to justify their margins. It makes everything look much neater. The justify button is usually found next to the bold, italics and underline buttons. I guess we’re calling these things icons nowadays. Sometimes it is by the alignment choices: align left, center, right or JUSTIFY. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it pays to have been an administrative assistant (read secretary).



Really. Did any of them know that I worked so hard to keep the gears in motion??


You know, this here blog doesn’t purport to be anything but light entertainment. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. A bit of commentary and LOTS of pictures.


Here is something to check out: audreylovesparis.tumblr.com. It’s a stunning blog. I wish I could figure out how she does the beautiful banner at the top.




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