We all scream for ice cream

Given the hot weather it’s the best option.

Dog days

I know there are some repeats. I’ll need to hang out on tumblr and see what I can find.


I read I Let You Go by Clare McKintosh which I recommend but other than that I haven’t come across any winners.

Here are some hats for your amusement.



Watching Wimbledon is really making me want to go out and bat the ball around. I am on the DL right now but maybe by August I can get back in the game. Either I need new ¬†pair of eye glasses or a bigger TV. I can’t really follow the ball and I have a really hard time checking out the score in the top left box of the screen. Thank goodness for commentators.

Plus, we have the Duchess of Cambridge attending and we can see what she’s ¬†wearing which is part of the draw for me, I must say. (I can’t believe I admit to it…)