Spring Will Take Place This Year

We’ve had a couple of “teaser” days but if you can hang on a little longer there will be daffodils.

Indeed, everything is different now but things are looking up thanks to vaccinations.



Half Empty Glass?

This is not in any particular order and a lot of it comes from books or talking to my very smart Mom. It’s very sad but she died this past winter. No comparison to any of what’s happening now but still devastating for me. And hopefully I will come out the other side intact.

A difficult time in history. Indeed it is. There have been other horrible situations we have managed to live through and come out the other side. Horrible, horrible but we have soldiered through every time.

1918 flu pandemic. Tuberculosis outbreak. Measles, which we still do not have under control.

My Mom went away with her family every summer to enjoy an idyllic time with boats, cookouts on the beach, fun with cousins, etc. But when she came home when summer was over the boy across the street had died of polio. No one could go to swimming pools because of the risks involved of catching the disease were high. Does that sound familiar?

And, how about being in London during the Blitz ? Many, many people sent their children to the countryside in an effort to keep them safe from the bombing. Imagine putting your favorite people in the world on a train and hoping for the best?

Social Distancing

Read this while wearing your mask.

I came up with a few pics that show some ways to social distance. All is not lost. We can still have fun, especially in the water.

Keeping Cool

I am going to show you some pics to try to get you through these lazy, crazy days of Covid-19 summer. They aren’t going to make everything better but they might cheer you up.

First off, blouses. Are they not the best? While thy do require ironing they sure make a splash. They make me feel better.( I can’t remember how to do captions but soon I’ll figure it out.)

I’ll betcha she’s French. Très chic!

Ooh, la, la.

Surviving Quarantine

At this stage hopefully you recognize that Covid-19 has never stopped. It’s still here and we should all be continuing to practice all we’ve been told. My heroes are Dr. Fauci and the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. They do not sugar coat the news. Not trying to sound high and mighty but there you have it.

While stuck at home you have probably done all the stuff you were putting off like cleaning out closets, writing your passwords in a separate book so you don’t have to keep looking them up and cloroxed everything that isn’t nailed down. If you had a home project you had intended to do and haven’t done it then you’re probably never going to do it. Be honest with yourself and cross that one off the list. Maybe you’ve needlepointed the whole house! (I’m close) Some have done a lot of workouts with the tv. I didn’t say I had.

If you had to home school your children, big or small, hats off to you. I’m not sure I would have been able to pull that off. And if you and your partner had to do some tricky planning regarding who goes to work and who stays home and manages the kids then you are superstars.

You may have started to notice that the glass is not really half empty. A smile from a random stranger can make your day. People have been holding the door open for each other. Everyone is friendlier. The people who bring groceries to your car and people delivering take-out are super nice. Some people have connected with old friends, with surprising results! Some mending of fences has occurred in families, always a good thing. Find something to do that makes you happy.