First, fun pictures:

Snacks at Sochi. Love this.


(random tumblr photo)

He’s glued to the tube watching snowboarding.


(random tumblr photo)

Today’s post is about nothing in particular. Just some things I want to pass along to you before I forget. This post is postcards people send to one place, post with a secret about themselves that no one else knows. It gives one a place to come clean about something, kind of. It’s a bit chilling so don’t read it if you’re having even a so-so day.

theburninghouse I love this site. Granted the premise is scary, i.e., what would you grab before you run from a burning house. But if you can look at it as what are the absolute essentials I need to live my life then it’s cool. I’m going to work on a list of what I would take.


Linda’s Bras at 552 Third Avenue in NYC. Between 36th and 37th Streets on the east side of the street. Getting fitted is somewhat mortifying but they do it with respect and grace and you will leave feeling like a new woman. I won’t go into details because of male viewers. If you live anywhere near NYC it’s worth the trip. I’m just squeezing this recommendation in the middle of the post so no one gets embarrassed.


Feel better about yourself by helping others.There are people in America who still don’t have enough to eat. Try working at a soup kitchen to get a feel for the real tough world out there. If that’s not up your alley then give money. If you live in the NYC metro area try looking up POTS (Part of the Solution) in the Bronx. They are a very well run organization and can always use volunteers and most certainly need money. Otherwise find one in your area and give / send some help.It’s like anything else: you get out of it what you put into it. Working at POTS has been an amazing experience for me, much more than I ever expected.

Winter wonderland theme for the tables at POTS, including valentines. Snowflakes are mixed media: felt corrugated paper, glitter paper, felt and crocheted, all hot glued to twigs I gathered on my walks. Glass stones in the bottom with fake snow on top. Made by yours truly. Photo by sarahb.