Deck the halls

Now that the tree is up and the lights are strung you can savor the decorating of the tree. Here you see my stash of of needlepoint ornaments made over the years. And, as always, more Christmas lights. And Christmas cookies.

Shop from your seat

It’s almost Christmas time which is really a lovely time of year. I love the outdoor lights people put up and I love all of the greenery. But you won’t be able to fully appreciate the season until you’ve tackled the shopping.

As far as food goes, I recommend having your groceries delivered. For Thanksgiving I put in an order to Peapod (Stop ‘n’ Shop) and had all of my groceries delivered this past Sunday. Talk about hassle-free. I am planning on doing the same for Christmas and I was clever enough to order my baking supplies with the Thanksgiving order so I am ready-set-go for cookie making.

As far as finding presents for people on your list you can shop from your seat.¬†Get out your credit card and type in and double click. You can do amazing searches (wooden baby toys made in the USA), (Well, I know that’s not that amazing.) You won’t have to leave the house and can have free shipping on everything if you’re an Amazon Prime member. (Worth looking into.) You could probably live comfortably for a year with all of the stuff they have on their site and no, this is not an ad for Amazon. So you’ll definitely be able to find something great for everyone on your list.

If you’re like me and hand make a lot of your presents you are pretty much in a ditch if you didn’t start thinking of what to make back in July. So, if you want handmade go for cookies or a small do-it-yourself craft.

As well, you can stay sitting on the sofa while you send out Christmas cards. Lots of people still use real cards but I quite like Paperless Post for sending e-cards.

I myself am looking forward to getting my Christmas tree. These past few months I have been decorating artificial trees for various charities and am definitely sick of fake anything. My tree will be beautiful and I’ll show you a picture when it’s up. In the meantime here is one that caught my eye.


Have a great Thanksgiving. If you have time to lay on the sofa and read (which I highly recommend for Black Friday) here are some good books:

The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah (This blog won’t let me underline. Don’t know why but they have finally allowed one to justify the margins which makes for a neater post)

Ordinary Thunderstorms: a Novel by William Boyd is quite good.