Lazy Sunday

Random knowledge: ferrule. It’s the band that attaches the eraser to the pencil. Keep that in mind for your next crossword puzzle.

I am watching Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood because there is going to be an interview with Catherine Deneuve. She is one of the all-time beauties of our world, right up there with Grace. You could wonder why I am so possessed with beautiful women. I often try to channel their style. Audrey, Grace, Catherine. I find them enchanting. Plus, in the case of Catherine Deneuve, the accent is awesome.

The same goes for Pharrell. I love his style. I don’t want to look like him but he carries it off so well.

I know there are terrible things going on in the world. Horrific mud slides, plane crashes, horrible deaths. I don’t write about these things because I have nothing to add. You can find many, many articles to read about these disasters. Know that I am aware of the terrible things in the world but I choose to use this spot as a place to retreat, take in some beauty, enjoy a bit of banter and relax..


Random motivational quote. You can take it to heart or just leave it here on the page.


Inspiration for the green background I’m now using.



The season of pink is not far off.


French women are so chic. I think they’re born with it. (more of my new hero, Pharrell)

Edward Orwitz of Complex Music writes:

“The United Nations campaign is spearheaded by Pharrell’s new website, 24 Hours of Happiness, where visitors can share their own moments of joy by uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram. Pharrell will be selecting his favorite submissions throughout the day, as well as encouraging his fans to donate to the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund. If you decide to do neither, at least spend the International Day of Happiness by watching Pharrell’s 24-hour music video for “Happy.” Not that you haven’t already.

Pharrell and the United Nations Foundation have put the concept of synergy into motion by teaming up for the second annual International Day of Happiness, which takes place tomorrow (March 20). The timing is perfect considering Pharrell’s single “Happy” is currently dominating the Billboard charts, and his song is all about, well, happiness.

The International Day of Happiness technically starts at 8 p.m. (EST) tonight, so get to enjoying life now and remember to use the hashtag #HAPPYDAY online.”

The reason he’s my new hero? Because I believe he’s doing great things. Pharrell has a foundation: One Hand To AnOTHER (FOHTA). Mission statement:  “Change the world one kid at a time by providing them the tools and resources to meet their unique potential.”  He spent $35M on a community center in his home town of Virginia Beach. This from the FOHTA website:

“The vision of the center is to modernize the community center concept by empowering kids to learn through new technologies, arts, and media.

Our vision can be implemented wherever children safely assemble. Programs and services are already engaging Virginia Beach children within a network of virtual centers in the city’s schools, churches and parks & recreation facilities.

The Pharrell Williams Resource Center (PWRC) in VA Beach, VA is the first in a series of Pharrell Williams Learning Facilities that will provide educational S.T.E.A.M.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Motivation) related tools needed for the future success of children. We deliver, in technologically enhanced community centers, Project Based Learning activities, tutoring, and life coaching and motivation lessons to complete the education our children need to compete globally and keep our economy strong. Beginning in Virginia Beach and ultimately reaching thousands of children across this nation; FOHTA is dedicated, with the help of our corporate and educational partners, to the development of a prepared workforce and the future leaders of America. The Pharrell Williams Resource Centers will demonstrate We Can Create Our Own Future!”

So, that’s why I think he’s awesome. Plus, I love his style.