Gold, silver or bronze?

How are you enjoying the Olympics? I am loving them. The house seems empty if I don’t have the television on with some sort of commentary going on.

Way to go for both Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner. Just beautiful performances.  And the little Russian princess, Yulia Lipnitskaia, just darling and soooo flexible. Imagine being 15 years old and having the President of your country applaud your performance. Meryl Davis and Charlie White seem to glide across the ice.



Sage Kotsenberg and Jamie Anderson, both gold medal snowboarders,  are contagious with their delight at winning their events.

I won’t pretend to know all the names and I am not a sportscaster but I am having tons of fun watching all of these athletes.

I, for one, am also enjoying the commercials. Whether it’s Tommy Lee Jones selling I don’t know what, Gracie Gold skating down the aisle of a United Airlines plane with a very handsome steward (okay, actor) walking down the other aisle I am in heaven. Not to mention Evan Lysacek on a Coke commercial. Swoon.

Yes, most of us are stuck indoors for another month or so. If you get bored you can always paint a room in your house one of these vibrant colors.

1377157_10201022848712380_811961144_nrandom photo from tumblr